Balestra Antonio | Diana and Endymion

Diana and Endymion

“DIANA AND ENDIMIONE” Antonio Balestra (1666-1740) pair of paintings

Technique: oil on canvas

Origin: Italy

complete with certification by Maurizio Marini

Dimensions: H147xL198 cm each.

Biography: he was an Italian painter and engraver of the Republic of Venice. Born into a wealthy merchant family, he was initiated into literary studies and devoted himself as an amateur to painting, receiving teachings from Antonio Bellucci, an artist adhering to Rococo, thanks to whom he attended the Academy of the nude. He completed his artistic training with Carlo Maratta the true founder of the Roman Academy who imposed a classical approach. Balestra corrects his Venetian colourism. In 1725 he became a member of the Roman Academy of San Luca. The artist died in Verona in 1740 leaving shovels and canvases in many Italian churches and various works in museums around the world including the Ball State Museum of Art (Indiana) and the National Gallery of Art (Washington).

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